Less than $1500 for a Plug In Prius Upgrade!

New 2012 "STF" (Spare Tire Friendly) version of our 4kwh Prius upgrade package only $5,500 installed (approx $1,489 after tax credits)
The new 2012 version of the 4kwh Prius upgrade system is here! The 2012 version of the 4kwh Plug In system includes everything in the 2011 system, along with improved components for better performance and reliability....and the main improvement....it's now STF! (Spare Tire Friendly to enable easy access to your spare tire! )   The new version puts the additional battery packs, battery charger, and Battery Managment System (BMS) in the lower deck of the Prius trunk where the spare tire normally sits.  The DC converter, spare tire, jack and toolkit reside in the "black bin" area right below the original trunk deck.   Not only will you have the most affordable Plug in Prius in the country, you'll have EASIER access to your spare tire than in a standard Prius.  Once your carpet is put back, your trunk will look the way it came from the factory.

Colorado has best tax rebates in the country
The state of Colorado tax credit is 75% starting January 1, 2012.
It is effectively a rebate...if you don't owe the state of CO any taxes, they'll send you a rebate check at tax time.

12 months, 0% interest financing
Special Offer on approved credit.   
Use free financing offer from GE Capital to pay for your 4kwh system, then pay back GE after you file your 2012 taxes and receive the credits/rebates. You just have to make minimum monthly payment (less than $250) to maintin 0% interest. Total financed amount must be paid back in full within 12 months. Call our office for further details.

What does the 4kwh system do for me?
It turns your existing Prius into an enhanced Plug In Hybrid.  You can still run as a gasoline powered Hybrid car, but when you "plug in" you'll get better milage (typically 60-80mpg for people who drive less than 30 miles a day) and the capability to drive a few neighborhood miles on all electric power using NO GASOLINE AT ALL.   Using electricity saves you money and lessens our dependence on foreign oil, and sets a clean example for future generations.  The state of Colorado has THE BEST tax credits/rebates in the country for upgrading your Prius...why not take advantage of them?   More information on our website http://www.boulderhc.com or call us at 303-325-7411.

Fine Print/Notes;
-Upgrades available only for 2004-2009 model year Toyota Prius. (Compatibility with 2010 and newer Prius coming later in 2012.)
-You must be a Colorado resident for income tax purposes.   Prius must be registered in Colorado.
-$1000 reservation deposit required to schedule installation.  If you change your mind prior to installation your entire deposit will be refunded.
-Financing offered subject to credit approval by GE Capital
-$5,500 is the price for 4kwh STF system installed.  Price does not include local sales tax
-Installation takes 1-2 days. We'll need your car at our Boulder shop.  Affordable rental cars available from nearby Rental Car firms.
-3 Year manufacturers warranty on all parts. 90 day warranty on installation.